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Don’t let the name “Lone Star State” fool you; there’s nothing lonely about living in Texas! With residents widely known for their southern hospitality, Texas is the ideal state for anyone who craves good old fashioned human connection. Whether you’re in a big city or a small town, expect to see lots of smiles from strangers you meet in the grocery store or pass on the street. But make no mistake; the state’s traditional neighborly values don’t mean it’s stuck in the past. Forward thinkers will thrive in an environment that’s home to numerous up-and-coming businesses, and with well over 100 languages spoken by residents, Texan society embraces diversity and isn’t afraid to experiment with ideas from several different cultures. The state’s mouthwatering Tex-Mex cuisine and burgeoning music scene are perfect examples of their innovative nature. And thanks to Texas’s relatively low cost of living and lack of income tax, you won’t go broke if you take a little money out for a staycation. With its big-hearted residents, big opportunities for the future, and big creative energy, it really is true that everything (except the price tags) is bigger in Texas!